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Kirkland Signature Organic Lemonade 2/96 OZ


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This is the perfect thing to write about when it is going to be 90 degrees outside! I don�t know how long Costco has had the Kirkland Signature lemonade, but this is the first time we�ve ever seen it. We were kind of on the fence about buying it because the bottles are HUGE and our fridge is very not huge. But Dave is a big fan of lemonade, so we decided we�d get it, throwing caution to the wind and ignoring the refrigerator space. Yeah, we�re wild and crazy! LOL After we tasted it though, we were so thrilled that we didn�t let the fridge bully us into not getting it. It is delicious and refreshing! And chilled in the fridge it is perfect for summer. It�s all totally organic and there�s nothing chemically in the list of ingredients: filtered water, organic lemon juice from concentrate, organic sugar, and organic lemon flavour. It is deliciously lemony without too much of a painful tart taste. It seems to me that they have the perfect blend of lemon and sugar, to get the balance of sweet to tart just right. I think if it were less sweet it would be verging into the too tart, mouth puckering lemonade side of things. Dave likes things way more tart than I do but he also thinks that the blend of this lemonade is perfect. Also, it smells as good as it tastes. It�s like a little bottle of fresh sunshine because of that great lemon scent. The bottle was too wide to fit into the compartment on the fridge door, but luckily the bottles are not round so we were able to stand it up on its side on the shelves instead. It�s really quite good and if they still have it when we go back to Costco in August, we will definitely be picking it up again.



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