BIC Wite-Out Brand Quick Dry Correction Fluid, White, 3/Pack


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BIC Wite-Out Correction Fluid- Powerful and Reliable Quick Dry formula dries fast Foam applicator gives a neater, more precise correction White, 20 ml fluid BIC Wite-Out correction fluid allows you to quickly and easily make corrections on documents or images. Just spread the fluid over the error and write over the space with the correct information. Each pack contains three fluid bottles. Quick Drying The quick-drying formula makes it easy to make fast corrections. You can write over the blanked area as soon as the fluid dries. Convenient Each Wite-Out bottle comes in a convenient size with a protective screw-cap top. For added convenience, try BIC Wite-Out correction pens. Precise The foam applicator makes it easy to make precision corrections on text or drafted documents. This makes it an excellent choice for correcting typos and misalignments in your presentations.



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