Expo Dry-Erase Starter Set


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Expo Dry-Erase Set- Write, Erase, and Clean Your Board Includes four Expo dry-erase, chisel-tip markers Includes an Expo eraser and 2 oz. bottle of Expo cleaner Assorted colors: black, red, blue and green Cleaner removes ghosting, stubborn marks, shadowing, and grease from any dry-erase surface AP certified nontoxic This Expo dry-erase set comes with four markers, an eraser, and a bottle of cleaner for your office to use. It’s a great set for giving you the basic tools needed to write on your whiteboard at your next meeting. There are even four different colored markers, so you can make your next presentation a colorful one. Four Markers With four markers to choose from, you can pick between black, red, green, or blue for that upcoming board meeting. Each marker is nontoxic, making the set a clean choice for your office whiteboard. A Bottle of Cleaner A 2-ounce bottle of Expo cleaner is included to help you remove those marks that just won’t come off. It’s great for keeping that whiteboard clean for your next meeting or client presentation. Eraser When you’re done with your whiteboard presentation, use the eraser from the Expo dry-erase set to get rid of your marks. After a quick swipe or two across the board, you’ll be ready to start your next meeting.



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