Medium Metal Binder Clips Bulk Pack, Black, 1 1/4


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Staples Metal Binder Clips- Keep Papers and Files Together Superior holding power 12 boxes of 12 clips each Size: 1 1/4" with 5/8" capacity (Medium) Staples Brand 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Keep stacks of paper together without using binders or folders by snapping one of these Staples metal binder clips onto each stack. You can also use these versatile clips to close file folders for easy carrying. The clips are easy to use and extremely secure. Ease of Use All you need to do is spread each of these Staples metal binder clips open with the provided handles, and then insert your papers before you let go of the clip. The clip’s secure jaws will close down over the papers and hold them together. Strong Holding Power These clips clamp down strongly and securely around your papers. They prevent individual pages from falling out or slipping out of a stack. Convenient and Versatile You can use these clips to secure file folders for carrying or clip a paper to an easel, a desktop, or another hard, flat, open-edged surface. These Staples metal binder clips are medium sized, and you can also order large metal binder clips from Staples.



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