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Post-it Super Sticky Notes hold stronger and longer, yet remove cleanly. 3" x 3", Canary Yellow, 90 sheets per pack Notes this size get noticed Choose Canary Yellow Post-it√جø¬Ω Notes to help with your task lists Super Sticky Notes can be used on the wall by your phone to help you remember important phone numbers Pack includes 12 Pads All Post-it√جø¬Ω Notes are recyclable Write on Post-it Super Sticky yellow note pads when you need to take notes and display them on doors, walls, and other surfaces where regular self-adhesive notes may not stick. Each sheet gives you plenty of room to write on, and the notes are bright yellow, so they’ll get noticed. You’ll find 12 pads in each package, so you’ll have extras around when you need them. Stronger Adhesive Strips Each sheet of these Post-it Super Sticky yellow note pads is backed with stronger adhesive strips than those on regular self-adhesive note pads. You can stick these notes to smooth surfaces like walls, doors, and appliances, on which regular self-adhesive notes may not hold. Ideally Sized Post-it Super Sticky yellow note pads are three inches by three inches. You have enough room to write important information down clearly, but they do not clutter your workspace. When you need extra large self-adhesive note pads, you’ll find them at Staples. Convenient Packaging Each of these Post-it Super Sticky yellow note pads has 90 sheets, so you won’t run out of notes in the middle of an important phone call. Each package of pads contains 12 units, so you can keep a few extras on hand in your drawer or on your desk.



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