Small Metal Binder Clips Bulk Pack, Black, 3/4


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Staples Metal Binder Clips- Stay Organized Superior holding power 12 boxes of 12 clips each Size: 3/4" with 3/8" capacity (Small) Staples Brand 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Staples metal binder clips are a great way to keep your loose reports or client documents together in one spot. You’ll receive 144 clips, giving you plenty of small clips for your work. It’s the perfect accessory for staying organized by cutting down on loose documents. Keep Your Papers Secure This set of Staples metal binder clips is made to hold your loose sheets of paper together. Use the clips to keep a rough draft of your report together or bind several client documents in one spot. Plenty of Clips With twelve boxes of twelve binder clips, you’ll have more than enough for your office needs. Use it to leave notes for your colleagues or keep your important work together. Use around the Office Not only can you use these clips for holding documents together, but you can also use them to close bags of food in your breakroom or hold together your office keys. The clips’ versatility will make them assets in your workplace.



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