Swingline Standard Staples, 1/4


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Swingline Standard Staples- Staple Your Projects Securely For use with standard staplers 5,000/Box Standard 1/4" leg length Sharp chisel point for less jamming 15% fewer misforms than comparable staples Full strip contains 210 staples With Swingline standard staples, you can create neat, orderly handouts and reports with staples that won’t jam or snag. You can also use them to hang employee notices or decorate classrooms by securely stapling papers and posters to any corkboard or other hanging surface. Compatible with Standard Staplers These standard staples are compatible with all standard staplers, including the Swingline Optima stapler. They make a convenient addition to any office supply closet. Better Reliability Swingline staples are 15 percent less likely to be misformed, resulting in a neat finished product. The sharp chisel points also allow for quicker and easier paper penetration to prevent jamming, so you can complete your work without hassles. Large Quantity Each box of Swingline staples provides 5,000 staples, so you’ll have plenty of staples to meet all your office needs. With 210 staples per strip, you can also complete plenty of projects before having to add more staples to your stapler.



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