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Acqua Panna Natural Spring Water, 1 Liter Glass Bottle – 12 Pack

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Harvested in Tuscany, 3,700 feet up Mt. Gazzaro, this wonderful treasure is known in Italy as Acqua Panna. It is loved by millions, and expertly positioned in the marketplace. Pannas freshness, clarity, and neutral ph have earned it a worldwide following, and acquisition by Nestle Foods. Acqua Panna is limpid and luminous and has neither effervescence nor any off-putting odor, and at the first sip has a pleasant, fresh taste. Acqua Panna is low-acid in type, and carries few mineral salts, without however impairing its structure. To the taste it is light as a feather, pleasantly soft and velvety. Acqua Panna shows a perfect balance in all its components, while the sensations induced linger in the nose and mouth for an appreciable period of time. Known for centuries to noblemen, hunters, shepherds and farmers for its remarkable purity and freshness, Acqua Panna Natural Spring Water comes from a pristine source, located on a vast, unspoiled natural reserve. The source, to the north of Florence, is nestled among beech wood and chestnut forests, and lush meadows on the slopes of Mount Gazzaro in the town of Scarperia.



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