How does our Unloathe Relax Rewards work?

Join our Unloathe Relax Rewards by signing up to Unloathe during your purchase or from our register page at your own leisure. Earn relax rewards for purchases and use them later to pay and get cool discounts, it’s pretty easy:

Get 2 Relax Rewards for every dollar spent ($1)

Members of our community will get Relax Rewards every time they make a purchase without promos or discount codes.

Save Up Relax Rewards to Save Money!

Accumulate relax rewards for 60 days before they expire. Relax Rewards does not apply to taxes and shipping costs.

Cash In Your Relax Rewards for Discounts of 2 Cents a Piece!

Those times you don’t have a discount code to save money on your purchase, your Relax Rewards will come in handy!

Where can I find my old Unloathe Rewards?

The reward cash you previously earned during our “Unloathe Rewards” program has been converted into Unloathe Relax Rewards, which you can now use to get awesome discounts on your new purchases.

For every $1 (one dollar) you stacked, we gave you 50 Unloathe Relax Rewards!
(50 Unloathe Relax Rewards = $1 discount at checkout) 

¿How do I do to spend my Relax Rewards?

Take a look at our 1 minute how-to video and learn how to use your Relax Rewards.