Gold Medal unbleached All Purpose Flour 5 lb


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Gold Medal Unbleached All-Purpose Flour has grown in popularity over the past century and a half. In the year of 1866, a man by the name of C.C. Washburn started his first flour mill and produced so much flour that he was given the nickname of "Washburns Folly." When he entered his flour at the first Millers International Exhibition 14 years later in Cincinnati, Ohio, C.C. Washburn was awarded the "Gold Medal" grand prize. Now, as in the past, Gold Medal All-Purpose Flour uses the best premium hard and soft wheats from the heartland to provide the Gold Medal difference. The product also has the consistency that bakers everywhere have come to depend on. Because it is milled without bleach, this 5-lb bag of Gold Medal unbleached flour will have a subtle creamy color. This item will provide the same wonderful taste and results as all-purpose flour and it is also Kosher.



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