Soy Slender Soymilk Vanilla flavor 32 OZ


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What’s So Special About Soy Slender?Soy Slender brings you the benefits of soymilk wrapped in a delicious vanilla flavor without any sugar added. Because its sweetened with sucralose (Splenda Brand), you can enjoy a creamy, chilled glassful knowing that youve cut your calories and your carbs! What you haven’t cut is nutrition — each serving of Soy Slender has 6.25 grams of soy protein, 33 mg of isoflavones, no cholesterol, and is also low in fat. You Need Your Calcium!Calcium, along with vitamin D, is important for building healthy bones and teeth. A single serving of Soy Slender provides 30% of the daily requirement for calcium and 25% of vitamin D! The Goodness Of SoyDelicious, simple ways to add soy to your daily diet — substitute it for dairy milk over cereal, whip up a smoothie, even cook up some yummy French Toast. And never underestimate the goodness of a tall frosty glassful of Soy Slender any time of the day!



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