Invisible Tape Refill Rolls, 3/4 x 36 yds, 12/Pack


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Staples Invisible Tape Refills- Permanent Adhesive Invisible when applied – won’t show on copies Matte finish, Write-on capability Tape Size: 3/4′ – 1′ Core Permanent adhesive Staples Brand 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Staples invisible tape refills are great for your office supply closet. When you run out of tape at your desk, just grab one of these refill cartridges for your dispenser. The tape itself has a permanent adhesive that is perfect for sticking notes or announcements on your office wall. Adhesive Staples invisible tape refills are a fine option for when you want to post office notices or leave a reminder for a colleague. Its invisible design means it won’t be noticeable on a wall or sheet of paper. Write on It Your refills feature a matte finish, so you can write a quick note on the tape if needed. Use it for labeling your work or for writing down the name of a note’s intended recipient. Keep Your Office Supplied Each pack of Staples invisible tape refills comes with twelve rolls, so you can keep extras in your supply closet. When you need a roll, grab it and insert it into your tape dispenser.



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