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Post-it 1/2 Assorted Bright Flags in Pop-Up Dispenser – 140 Flags/Pack

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Post-it Assorted Flags in Pop-Up Dispenser- Highlight Key InformationrrFlag size: 1/2’W x 1-3/4’L, 140 flags per packrAssorted colors: Bright Blue, Bright Purple, Bright Pink and YellowrCan be written on to edit, label or jot notesrColor code projects to help you find exactly what you need quicklyrFlags stick securely, yet can easily be removed and repositionedrDetachable thin packs, each color can be separatedrMark, tab, or highlight informationrEachrrWith Post-it assorted flags, you never have to deal with the frustration of forgetting where a key piece of information is located. When studying or doing research, you can simply attach a Post-it flag, and when you’re ready to go back and review the information, you can select the tab and go right to it.rrHighlight Important InformationrPost-it assorted flags make studying and research much easier. You can easily insert tabs into your books, library books, or other materials, so you can quickly find the information again when you need it. You can also write notes on the tabs, making it easy to remember why you needed the information.rrStick Securely, Remove EasilyrThe Post-it assorted flags stick securely, so you don’t have to worry about them falling off and causing you to lose track of your notes, but they remove easily, without damaging the pages, so you can easily reposition your flags or remove them when you’re ready to return the book.rrConvenient Detachable DispenserrThe Post-it assorted flags come prepackaged in their own handy dispenser. You can keep them together, so you’ll have all your flags in once place, or you can detach each color and carry only what you need. If you need to use both flags and highlighters, the Post-it flag highlighters are another convenient option.



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