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Swingline S.F. 4 Premium Staples, 1/4 – 5,000 Staples


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Swingline Premium Staples- Staple with industry leading S.F. 4 staples. For use with full strip staplers 5,000/Box in each reusable storage box Standard 1/4′ leg length Staples up to 20 sheets Precision engineered chisel point for minimal jamming 75% fewer misforms than comparable staples 210 staples per strip Chisel pointed for better penetration With the Swingline premium staples, you’ll have all the staples you need to handle your documents. Each package contains 5,000 staples in a handy reusable storage box, so you can easily store them in your desk or storage cabinet. Better Paper Penetration The Swingline premium staples are designed with chisel-point tips, so they’ll easily penetrate up to 20 sheets of paper. They also won’t jam in the stapler, so you can complete your job with fewer hassles. Fewer Misforms Because of the precision chisel points, the Swingline premium staples also have fewer misforms when stapling. You won’t end up with sharp points sticking out to snag fingers or clothing. Full Strips The Swingline premium staples come in full strips of 210 staples. They work with all standard, full-size staplers, including the Swingline deluxe full strip stapler.



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